So we’ll celebrate the beginning of a new blog by announcing that Olivia is now a Seepferdchen! A what?! you ask? A seahorse. 🙂 Olivia took a six week swim course with some of the kids in her kingergarten class at a local swimming pool. We were very excited about this because Olivia has never had any fear of the water and, in fact, goes running and jumping into any body of water she can find. Since we came home from Florida last spring I kept telling myself that we would teach her how to swim but we just never found the time. So I was thrilled that she could go on “Kindergarten” time and after seeing one of the lessons (as a chaperone one day) I am very glad that she has learned to swim properly and not just doggy paddle. The kids had no choice as they had a drill sergeant for an instructor. There was absolutely no goofing around in that pool!

I, myself, don’t even remember when I learned to swim because it seemed like I always just could–but perhaps a parent of mine remembers? So we two share a love of water! After five weeks Olivia jumped into a laned swimming pool from a diving platform, swam under a rope and then did a lovely breast stroke all the way down the lane without touching the wall. This qualified her to receive a Seepferdchen badge which marks her a first level swimmer. About half of the class also performed the more trying feat of swimming four lengths of the pool without stopping! I was so proud of those little guys–they then received a Frosch Urkunde (Frog certificate) which is the next level after Seepferdchen. Way to go guys! Olivia is the third from the right with her thumb up!

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