Sopot, Poland

Well, we finally managed to drag ourselves away from Dresden off to beautiful Sopot, Poland on the Baltic Sea.  Our friends and missionaries there, Mike and Molly gave us a great deal on a large apartment in their church building complex so we had first-hand knowledge of the area of Sopot within our grasp just one floor below us (not to mention a nice cup of hot tea and good conversation!) and the beach and main tourist drag was within walking distance.  We played it cool and basically just lounged on the beach, played on playgrounds and went for long walks around the area.  We ate out once just to say we sampled the cuisine and of course indulged in ice cream once a day. 

After living in Florida for five months before we came to Germany, we discovered that we quite enjoyed a nice warm day at the beach–provided there’s lots of sunscreen, water and nearby shade–and we were eager to see the Baltic Sea since so many of our German friends regularly take their vacations on the “Ostsee.”  The only slight downers were the one day of rain and a 10 hour car ride (during which the kids were GREAT).  Two creatures deserve mention on this trip:  Jellyfish were there in abundance in the water and getting washed up on the beach.  We avoided them like the plague until we saw a little four-year-old girl picking them up and putting them in her sand bucket, then dumping them out and picking them up to show her mom.  We figured they must not do very much, so Randy picked a few up and then Olivia held one for a few minutes (I wouldn’t touch the things).  After Olivia put it down she complained that her hand felt weird, but that was all we heard of it.  I have no idea if size matters (these were about the size of my palm) or if it’s the species, but I guess they were low-grade stingers.  The other creature worth mentioning was the ladybug.  These guys were everywhere.  On the sidewalk (Olivia lamented many a crushed ladybug), on the beach, on buildings, on backpacks and we even found a couple in each others’ hair.  I don’t know what it is about Sopot that they liked, but the kids enjoyed it.

Well, so far this vacation brings up to a total of two since we’ve been over here (7 years now), the other being our trip to Amsterdam to see my cousin Adrian play baseball.  Most of our vacation time is used up when we go back every other year to the States.  And so far we’re two for two!  I would recommend either for families 🙂

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