Man of Steel

Man of Steel, originally uploaded by carrollers.
Chris is totally into superheroes right now as you can see from his hat.  Here’s his Superman pose.  I picked out this picture to go with this quote I heard tonight in the kitchen…
Olivia: What are you coloring, Chris?
Chris: Superman!!!!  He’s “the man who steals!”
I nearly busted a gut.  After a week without Randy at home, with a part-time job and trucking kids to and from school and kindergarten as well as playgroup, I came home more than a little wound up.  I started laughing until all that tension was released until I looked up and realized that both Olivia and Chris were looking very confused and (if possible) worried about my sanity.  Once I calmed down, I explained that Superman is the “man of steel” and what that means.  Not to mention that Superman is actually against stealing!  Now it’s our little joke 🙂
This also reminds me of the time a couple of years ago that we were listening to a Laurie Burkner CD that Kristi gave us.  The song was “Mahalo” which has the words “Mahalo, that means thank you.”  Olivia was singing along and I realized that every time the chorus came up she was singing “Mahalo, let me spank you.”
Kids…. you gotta love that they can lighten the mood instantaneously with no effort at all!

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