On a Quest for the “Cool”

So I’ve been blogging for a while now and I’ve really no idea how many people read it, since I, myself, don’t always comment on blogs that I read.  Blogger friends of mine, I DO Read your blogs–especially the ones in the right-hand column–but I don’t always take the time to respond.  Well, regardless of feedback, my greatest critic has always been myself, anyway, and I’ve always been unhappy with the “look” of my blog. This would be because I am “computer-challenged.” Perhaps I should be broader (and more truthful) and say “technically-challenged” maybe, I don’t know, but the fact is I struggle with anything that is not point and click and I literally freeze up, my heart rate increases and my temper flares whenever I go to a help forum and read the words “html,” “rss feed,” or heaven forbid, “custom css.”  And yeah, I know those aren’t even “big words” in web design lingo.  But the fact remains that many of you have awesome looking blogs and I’m desperately jealous.  My brain has always found a certain peace of mind from seeing things look “cool” or “beautiful” in form, color and line.  That applies to my blog as well.  I have now been searching here and there through different forums and trying to sift through the computer jargon for the basic “helps” that say “cut and paste this into such and such on your blog” and then I pray it works.  You’ll notice my brand new subscription widget over to the right which took me hours to figure out.  Go ahead and laugh.  I can’t hear you anyway.  😛


3 responses to “On a Quest for the “Cool””

  1. Court says :

    Bri, I think your blog looks beautiful. And I act smart, but I actually haven’t the foggiest idea what a “widget” really is. ;o)

  2. 5carrolls says :

    thanks Court. Well, I dont know what it ACTUALLY is. I just know they are things that go in the right bar to make your blog look cool or something. 🙂 But your blog is cooler than mine because the content is really good–it’s what’s on the inside of a blog that counts right? Don’t judge a blog by it’s cover?

  3. Jason says :


    I think your blog looks great! I added the stat counter to mine so I could see where people were reading my blog from and what words they might’ve been searching to find it, etc. It’s pretty easy to do. I haven’t done the subscribe button yet. I’ll be thinking about it though. 🙂

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