Conversations at the table…

I’m sure there will be more snippets of table conversation at the Carroll house to come. I didn’t want to forget this little bit…

Chris: “I don’t like this stuff, I don’t want to eat it.”

Me: “well, Alex seems to like it–he’s eating for a change.”

Alex:  “yeah, I wike it.”

Chris: Well, I don’t like it.”

Me: “Then I guess you’ll go hungry tonight.  When I cook the meal, that’s what there is. When you cook it, you can pick the dinner.”

Olivia: “When I’m old enough you can come and live with me and I’ll cook.”

Chris: “No, I’LL be the cook.”

Me: “Yeah, why don’t you go get a job, Olivia and take your brothers with you.  I’m sure you could take care of them.  You’re in the second grade!”

*the kids laugh*

Olivia:  “No, mommy you’re being silly! Alex would have to stay with you!  I’m not old enough to take care of him!”

Randy:  “Just to be clear, you DO realize you’re not moving out yet?”

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2 responses to “Conversations at the table…”

  1. April says :

    Ha ha… that is hilarious!

  2. Pam Davis says :

    they crack me up 😉 i wish you would post stuff like this every single day.

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