Relocation Fund and Coca-Cola

Well, I can’t remember if I already announced it on our blog here…that’s what happens when you’re blog is only updated once in a blue moon!  Anyway, we have officially entered into our last year in Dresden. That last sentence just blew my mind!  Yes, we’ve now been here 9 years, and though there’s not been much posted on this blog about what we’ve done with ourselves, I still thought I would post a notice that this last year will bring us to a well-round TEN years next June 2011.  I haven’t been the best at updating mostly because there’s been so much to LIVE.  In fact, with the five of us I wonder if I should even have started this blog at all, but I am happy that at least a little of our lives have been posted here. And unfortunately on another past blog that was lost 😦  I’ll be trying to post as much as possible this last year (and of course in years to come) to keep more of our family and friends updated properly (not just skeletal Facebook statuses), but I can’t promise anything! 🙂

Well, on to the topic of this here post, we are, in fact, already starting to fund-raise for our Relocation Fund back home.  As you might imagine, the two of us, which became the five of us have accumulated quite a bit in the past 9 years.  And, we’ve done the research: It’s actually more cost effective to ship it all home than to replace it all once we get there.  MUCH less expensive.  Randy will be putting together a budget breakdown for the moving fund and if you would like to see it or pass it on, then please drop me or Randy a note at or and we will definitely get that out to you.  In the meantime, if you have more creative ideas, like the one our friend and former co-worker Robert Stolte has had, then feel free to share them!

Robert is a true friend–he’s giving his Coca-Cola collection to anyone who donates generously to our Relocation Fund! I couldn’t believe it when he posted it on Facebook!  This picture is one of five, so visit his Coke Album to see the rest.

We ask all of you friends and family who have supported us over the years in our work in Dresden, Germany to please pray for us as we enter our last year here.  We are still focused on evangelism and the spiritual growth of the Gemeinde Christi in Dresden, but we have the added goal of raising enough funds to get us home, as well, with as little stress as possible.  Pleas join us in this endeavor!

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