God likes this color paint.

I let the kids stay up later tonight since it’s a Friday and watch ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown‘ while painting toilet paper rolls black for bat decorations.  Hey, if they’re going to watch a pointless cartoon at night with a surplus of the word “stupid,” then they might as well be productive, right?  The older two gave up after painting just one roll a piece, but after Alex (4 yrs. old) finished his first one and saw me mass-producing black toilet paper rolls at warp speed, he said

“I’m gonna do ‘nother one, too.  I’ll help you, mom.”

While Alex kept trucking along at the speed of snail he said

“I hope God likes this color paint.”

I didn’t think I heard him right. “What did you say?”

“I said I hope God likes this color paint.” (he meant color OF paint, of course)

I was kind of baffled. “Well, I think God likes any color of paint that you use if you’re using a talent He gave you.”

“What’s a talent?”

“It’s something God gave you that you can do well.  Like painting.  You’re good at painting,” I said, observing his mottled toilet paper rolls.  Hey, painting the inside and outside of a toilet paper roll is pretty good at four, I think.

“That’s right. I’m a good painter.  I’m going to be a painter when I grow up, mom.”

“That sounds great!”

To Chris and Olivia, glued now to the cartoon, he repeated “I’m going to be a painter when I grow up, guys!”

He didn’t seem disturbed by their lack of response.

This was a great conversation that came out of nowhere.  You may say “great conversation, sure.” But it is so very rare that I get to talk for any length of time directly to my youngest with two other kids in the house.  I had these kinds of conversations with Alex all day today, since we took the day to go to the international playgroup, shop for a coat, have lunch and get him a haircut while the other two were in school.  It’s nice to get to know Alex without Chris and Olivia there throwing in their opinions left and right.  And it’s funny that I try to think of ways to plan these kinds of conversations…dates and whatnot with my kids…and that’s well and good…but God always shows His greater wisdom by throwing in those curve ball opportunities.  Like painting toilet paper rolls at night.

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One response to “God likes this color paint.”

  1. Val says :

    May we all be like Alex–seeking to please God in even the smallest of details!

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