From Date Night to Hospital Trip

Well, date nights don’t happen that often at our house, unfortunately, which is why we were really looking forward to a fun night out with a couple of friends we haven’t spent time with in a while.  We had a friend come over to babysit and no sooner had she arrived than I heard a piercing scream from the boys room and I came out to see Chris holding his arm and yelling at the top of his lungs.  My first thought was, “he must have fallen off the top bunk!”

He said he was standing by the bunk bed jumping up and trying to grab Alex’s slippers off of his feet, which were dangling down from the top bunk.  I guess he lost his balance when he jumped one time and slipped and landed on his wrist with his hand bent under his arm instead of out.  There was hardly any swelling at all, and we were ready to leave to go out (I mean, we hardly ever go out!), so we almost didn’t take him, but he was carrying on about it for at least 15 min and something told me there was more to the injury than just spraining it or something…plus I’ve heard that there is sometimes no swelling when its just a break and no ligaments or tendons are hurt.  He hardly EVER whines about being hurt past 2 minutes, so we had a clue.  At first the doctor thought it would just be maybe a small fracture and he could wear a wrist brace, but the break was bigger than they thought; he has a break on the big bone of the left arm near the wrist, so they put a top cast on his wrist and halfway up his forearm.  That means the cast is only on the top half of his arm and not on the underside.  So it’s like a cast/brace.  He has to wear it three weeks…hopefully not longer and I’m praying it will be off before his birthday since we have a day at a big playground planned!

I’m not sure if I’m reassured or apprehensive at what the doctor said:”this is a common injury in boys this age.”  ha.  Something to look forward to with Alex? I hope not!

3 responses to “From Date Night to Hospital Trip”

  1. April Everhart says :

    Oh wow! Sorry to hear that but glad he’s ok and hopefully will have it off soon. Sorry you missed date night!

  2. 5carrolls says :

    Thanks, April. We actually did go out for a coffee around the corner after we got home from the hospital…we couldn’t give up date night and Chris was okay at home with the babysitter 🙂

  3. Caryn says :

    I guess it is reassuring that it is a common injury in boys? Poor guy. I guess if it is going to happen I’m glad it happened before you guys had left rather that let the poor babysitter figure out what to do. 🙂

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