Gott wird dich tragen (God will take care of you)…

Isn’t it strange how a song will strike a chord with you (no pun intended!) for some reason even though you’ve sung it many times before?

We had a pretty small group in our German worship today due to sickness; It was a nice, cozy sort of atmosphere and I was present for the first time in a while, since Randy was home sick with most of the kids and I didn’t teach the children’s class.  We listened to Joel’s first German sermon–of which I was very proud!–and I was reminiscing about a time when I, too, was still very unsure of my relationship with the German language. When I still made funny or not-so-funny unintentional mistakes (which Joel did not do, I should mention!) or just nodded and smiled at something I didn’t understand, while desperately wishing I did. When I suddenly realized I followed an entire conversation and secretly rejoiced on the inside or used a colloquial phrase correctly for the first time. These were very uncertain times in my relationship with the German language and I often went back and forth claiming it as my friend or declaring it my worst enemy all in one day.

Of course, reminiscing about learning German took my mind back over the years to all the memories I’ve made here in Germany and all the ways I’ve tried to get to know the culture and the people–eventually coming to love them in a way I didn’t think possible.

And now we’re leaving.

At least we will be at the end of July and already we are having to make preparations and shift our focus from Germany to the United States. We made our decision fully aware of the consequences both happy and sad and I’m coming more and more to grips with such a dynamic change in our lives. However, lately, I have certainly had feelings of insecurity in our future. We know our deadline for finding another source of income and we know when we will have to have preparations made, but we still don’t know WHAT job or jobs we will have, where we will live or exactly how we will accomplish everything we need to accomplish. At times, it sort of feels as if the bottom has dropped out from under us and we’re only being held up by God’s grace. By His hand. I trust in Him, but at times I feel a little like Peter and feel myself sinking when I let my fears get the best of me. So it is times like these when God sends an encouraging message through a song like this one that reminds me God’s hand is the best and safest place we could be…exactly where we need to be.

(English below)

“Gott wird dich tragen” Satz: Friedrich Hänssler

1)Gott wird dich tragen, drum sei nicht verzagt,
treu ist der Hüter, der über dich wacht.
Stark ist der Arm, der dein Leben gelenkt,
Gott ist ein Gott, der der Seinen gedenkt.

2) Gott wird dich tragen, wenn einsam du gehst;
Gott wird dich hören, wenn weinend du flehst.
Glaub’ es, wie bang dir der Morgen auch graut,
Gott ist ein Gott, dem man kühnlich vertraut.

3) Gott wird dich tragen durch Tage der Not;
Gott wird dir beistehn in Alter und Tod.
Fest steht das Wort, ob auch alles zerstäubt,
Gott ist ein Gott, der in Ewigkeit bleibt.


Gott wird dich tragen mit Händen so lind.
Er hat dich lieb wie ein Vater sein Kind.
Das steht dem Glauben wie Felsen so fest:
Gott ist ein Gott, der uns nimmer verläßt.

English original version written by Fanny J. Crosby

“God Will Take Care Of You”

1) God will take care of you, be not afraid;
He is your safeguard through sunshine and shade;
Tenderly watching and keeping His own,
He will not leave you to wander alone.

2) God will take care of you, through all the day,
Shielding your footsteps, directing your way;
He is your Shepherd, Protector, and Guide,
Leading His children where still waters glide.

3) God will take care of you long as you live,
Granting you blessings no other can give;
He will take care of you when time is past,
Safe to His kingdom will bring you at last.


God will take care of you still to the end;
Oh, what a Father, Redeemer, and Friend!
Jesus will answer whenever you call;
He will take care of you, trust Him for all.

I really liked the German translation of the refrain that we sang today which is quite different than the original English:

“God will carry you with loving hands. He loves you like a father loves a child. There is a faith that stands as firm as a rock: God is a God who will never leave us.”


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8 responses to “Gott wird dich tragen (God will take care of you)…”

  1. Caryn says :

    I’m so thankful that Joel is there to fill in! God is so good!

    God speaks to me through music all the time. I know I’ve already talked to you about this. It is so touching to me that the Father often uses the very medium that can touch us so deeply and personally.

    We love you guys so very much and are praying fervently for your transition.

    “Tenderly watching and keeping His own,
    He will not leave you to wander alone.” -Write it on your heart, sweet friend.

  2. Gwen Antwine says :

    Oh my dear Bri, I understand this from your perspective SO WELL, and yes, it is a big change – but you are on the right track. God will find a way for you – and He will give you what you need. I was very touched when I heard this little boy singing. Check out my wall. I could not find the website for it. We love you, and we stand ready to give you any and all support we can to help you make this transition. We will be there soon and will be able to help you with some things perhaps. We love you. Hang in there!!

  3. 5carrolls says :

    That’s a really sweet video, Queenie!
    The one I posted is a different hymn, but that one was still a good message! If you click on the title of the song in my post, you can hear the melody on a different site.
    Thanks for the sweetness!

  4. April Everhart says :

    I can also understand this post very well. I’m so glad that God spoke to you through this song. What a wonderful comfort! It is so true. Even through all my doubts and uncertainty since we left Germany, God has been with me and helped me through it all. I’m praying for you all and your preparations and transition. Love you!

  5. Bri says :

    Thanks, April!

  6. Pam Davis says :

    If anyone can manage all the upcoming changes in your life it is you and Randy. And I imagine you will do it with lots of love and laughter. I am sure the uncertainty of it all is daunting, but you two make a good partnership to support each other through this chaotic time. Plus you will have lots of love and prayers coming from everyone who knows you.

  7. Karen says :

    You know there are so many of us who have been where you guys are and know what you’re going through. I know it’s scary and exciting all at the same time, but it’s good to know you’re faith will carry you through. You guys are so loved and I know there will be many friends and family members to be a support system for you, both here in Germany and in the U.S., as you begin to make and during your transition!!
    I love you guys so much!!!
    Karen a.k.a. Nerd City!

  8. Bri says :

    Thanks, Mom!
    Thanks, Karen, I know we have so many friends of different ages who have made such a transition and we will be leaning on them for support 🙂

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