From Saxony to Texas

Well, the time has come.

Tomorrow, the 21st of July, we will be flying from Dresden, Germany to St. Petersburg, Florida and then on to Arlington, Texas, which will be our new home. We have lived 10 years in Germany and….well….I just don’t know what to say. I’ve been talking about it in Facebook statuses for a while now and doing my countdown thing…but today is officially Day 1 to the USA and I’m not sure what to think. I could literally think of a hundred emotions I’m feeling all at once right now all the way from ‘depressing sadness’ to ‘buoyant jubilation’ but most of all I just feel….weird. I guess that’s my definition of ‘weird;’ something you can’t understand or describe very well.

We had a nice last day in Dresden…slept in, lunch with friends, saw some more friends, ate our last German meal at a great restaurant and hiked all over the place to find Olivia her favorite food-a crepe. We took a few more pictures and I shed a few tears…but it was a good day.

Tomorrow we step into uncharted territory on the next adventure that God has given us. We’re ready because He’s prepared us for it without us even knowing it. The relationships and experiences we’ve had we will surely never forget and thankfully–yes, mainly to Facebook–we can keep those relationships going. But we’re also excited to see what our new friends will be like and where God will lead us, in order to help others we have not yet met.

Farewell Dresden and hello Arlington. Strange words that I didn’t know ten years ago that I would utter, but there they are.

Let’s see what happens…


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3 responses to “From Saxony to Texas”

  1. Caryn says :

    Love you dearly! I’m so proud of your determination to stick with your commitment to serve the church in Germany! You’ve been through so much in the last 10 years, but never swayed in your commitment to stay. God will bless you richly for your service. You’ve planted some seeds, and He will provide that increase.

    We are praying for you, Randy and those sweet kids as you transition.

    I hope that last German meal was great! I kinda covet it!


  2. Robert S says :

    You guys have what it takes to make this journey that you are traveling. Where God leads you he’ll help you to be strong. Welcome to a new beginning. For me it was like Peter, Susan and Edmund arriving back from Narnia. Few will be able to relate to your life before but that doesn’t mean you have to forget. I admire the good you have done and how that will live on within those you have touched.

  3. Stefanie says :

    Oh Bri. My heart is hurting for you and excited for you all at once. You are so loved! And admired! God bless you all as you transition!


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