Archive | February 2012

It’s Time

Time to stop and settle down and ….

just breathe.

I feel like the last six months have been a blur and at the same time full of slow-motion moments. Strange how life can be like that. I just re-read my last post from…waaaaay back. A lot’s happened since then.

We live in Texas. I hear my kids picking up a twang now and then (nnnoooooooooo!) I drive a minivan. My husband has regular work hours. My kids go to school with a PTA and fundraisers and all kinds of stuff that I remember from my own schooling and yet so many things that I don’t remember because it was a different time.

Soon I’ll post some stuff that is different. Sort of as a way to get myself back into blogging world by finding something easy to write about.

‘Cause what’s easier to write about than differences? 🙂