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Vigilante Preacher-man

We discovered about 9 p.m. tonight that we needed a few things from the store for breakfast, so Randy took his bike (we have no car) and rode up to a grocery store in Dresden-Neustadt nearby that’s open until 10 p.m. to grab what we needed. He came back from the store around 9:30 p.m, walking his bike with the groceries down the sidewalk, since there were so many people milling around–this is typical for a Friday night in the Neustadt. The parties are just getting started.  He saw a guy about 20 years old run out of a Turkish Imbiss and noticed the guys inside shouting “stop him!” So on impulse he grabbed the guy and swung him around to face the restaurant owner and his son who had just come out.  They said the guy had paid for his food but hadn’t paid for his beer (that was in his hand) and when he still couldn’t pay, they grabbed the beer from him and the owner threatened to call the police.  Randy heard the son say it wasn’t worth it and started walking away as they berated the guy and said something to the effect of “never come back!” etc.

I was listening to all of this with my mouth open, trying to figure out why he had grabbed the guy in the first place while simultaneously being impressed with my husband’s quick thinking and correct assessment of a situation and (apparently) quick skills to catch the guy with one hand while holding his 20-speed with the other.  It was at this point that he said that as he crossed the street, he saw the guy out of the corner of his eye following him.  We have 3 kids + 1 in the house tonight and we only live a few blocks away, so, of course, I said

“He didn’t see which house you went into, right?”

“I didn’t get that far.”

“What do you mean?  You’re here.”

“Well, as I crossed the street, I was about to get back on my bike and leave him in the dust when he pushed me and I nearly fell over.” (my mouth was hanging open again)

Randy continued, “then he did this stupid kick thing at me and got me in the upper arm, but he bounced off me and fell on the ground.  He got back up pretty mad and said,’Why would you do that? Why did you stop me? Nobody does stuff like that, they just mind their own business.’ Then he asked me what I did and I was reluctant to tell him, but I told him that I was a preacher for a church.  He looked at me for a second and then told me about himself.”

So apparently this guy has gotten too much into the party scene and about three weeks ago he came back from a party and his parents had changed the locks on the house.  He couldn’t get in and he’d been having a rough time of it. No money and no place to stay.  Randy told him where the church building was and that he could stop by any time during the week if he felt like talking and they parted ways on friendlier terms.  I asked him if anyone had witnessed this…it happened by a busy street.  Randy said there was a guy who watched the confrontation who had been walking by the Imbiss, but he just put his head down and walked away.

Randy still doesn’t know what made him stop that kid from stealing, but he hopes that it might make him think a little bit.

I said, “so it’s not enough to preach ‘don’t steal.’  You have to go out in our neighborhood and enforce it?” 😀


First Sacrifice of Spring…

Can I just say this describes me and Randy so well?  🙂 🙂