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Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife…duh.

This has been going around Facebook, but it’s so hilarious and spot on that I wanted to post it here on our blog as well.  If you need a laugh, just click the play button…. 🙂


Chris Transforms Acid Storm

Chris LOVES the Transformers right now. When he wants me to play “Transformers” with him, he usually has to transform them FOR me, because I cant’ figure them out. This is the hardest level of transformer that he owns and I was so impressed with how he confidently transformed the thing that I thought I’d video it.

Seek Ye First

The kids LOVE to sing. Period. They are always singing on the way home -on the bus, walking or on our bikes even! At bedtime we always have a short devotional when they each get to pick one song a piece (Alex usually chooses “The Wise Man” ) after we have read a bible story. One night I thought I would try “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God” since it applied to something we had read. Randy was there that night and so we sang men’s and women’s parts. Afterwards they asked us to sing it again and they chimed in–from then on, every night Olivia picked “Seek Ye First” as her song choice (when Chris didn’t beat her to it). As you can see from the video above, even Alex chimes in. I wouldn’t be able to say who loves singing the most. Even with Alex only being two, it’s very apparent that singing is his favorite pastime, even though he’s not much of a talker. Here’s a performance I caught on my camera one evening at bedtime. By the way, Chris is not severely scarred; he just didn’t get all the “pirate” paint off of his face 🙂